Fire and Safety Services

Fire Safety Audits

Fire safety audits play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of people, property, and businesses. Our company is committed to delivering high-quality risk assessment reports to all our clients.These reports not only have the potential to save clients vast amounts of money but also ensure that clients are not caught out by unethical suppliers leading to their prosecution under the Fire Act.

The report that we prepare ensures that our clients are fully aware of the true situation regarding their fire protection servicing. However, please note that although these services are outsourced, ultimately the accountability of any mishaps that could happen lies with the client.

It is advisable that this audit takes place at least once every five years.

Our report consists of a two bound copies with digital photographs to illustrate the salient points where necessary. It not only includes easy-to-understand overview of Australian Standards fire protection servicing requirements but also contains staff training needs. We can also provide appropriate security advice from a highly qualified industry expert.

The AS 4655 Level 1 Fire Safety Audit conducted by a qualified and competent FES (Fire & Emergency Services) staff member includes an inspection of the worksite in relation to:

» Access and egress
» Exit Signs and emergency lighting
» Fire and Smoke Compartmentation
» Fire Extinguishers
» Fire blankets
» Fire Hose Reels
» Automatic sprinkler System
» Hydrant systems
» Hydrant and Sprinkler booster systems
» Automatic Fire Detection Systems
» Building Emergency Warning System
» Emergency Standby Power Systems
» Emergency Procedures
» Staff training requirements
» General housekeeping issues
» Electrical Equipment
» Hazardous Materials


Auditing & Consulting

We provide an excellent auditing and consulting service to ensure clients have the fire safety systems that match their business risk profile (AS2444) and compliance with AS4655 (Fire Safety Audits).

Our advice stems from the extensive experience of our highly qualified OH&S and Fire Systems Design team. It is against our company's ethics to oversupply fire protection and fire extinguishing equipment.

We only advice and provide the equipment based on the need assessment performed by our team.

In many organizations that we audit we have found:

  • Discrepancy in the number of Fire extinguishers required and number of fire extinguishers available.
  •  Fire extinguishers of the wrong type that could either cause serious injury or unnecessary damage to property.
  •  Smoke and thermal detection systems that have not been serviced as per Australian Standards,
  •  Annual smoke and thermal testing that has not been undertaken either at all, or for many years or not as per Australian Standards.
  •  Expensive sprinkler rooms in a filthy condition
  •  Fake Sprinkler tests
  •  Training that does not comply with the learning outcomes required by AS3745 (ECO's) or no staff training has been undertaken at all.
  •  Hydrant and sprinkler boosters that have not had their required flow and pressure tests performed or tested with inadequate equipment.


Other Services in the Fire and Safety Area:

  • Fire Safety Scheme for industries & commercial establishment
  • Fire Risk Assessment (with Fire Load)
  • Adequacy Audit
  • HSE Manual
  • HSE System SOP’s
  • ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 (IMS)
  • HSE Training
  • Behavior Based Training
  • On-site & Off-site Emergency Plans/Disaster Management Plan
  • Dispersion Modeling, Mathematical Modeling, Fire Pool & Ball Modeling
  • Safety Indices (Mond, F&E, Dow & Customized HSE Indices)

Few of our Notable Clients for Fire and Safety Services

1 Select Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Infrastructure Fire & Safety Audit
2 PVR CINEMAS Mall Fire & Safety Audit
3 Select CityWalk Mall Fire & Safety Audit
4 ACC Ltd. Cement Fire & Safety Audit
5 Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited Pharmaceuticals Fire Risk Assessment
6 The Phenoix Mills Ltd. Mall Fire Risk Assessment
7 Reliance Industries Ltd. Refineries Fire Risk Assessment
8 Reliance Compressor Stn No.08 & 10 Gas Distribution Fire Risk Assessment
9 Lulu Shopping Mall Mall Safety, Security & Fire audit for the Mall
10 DSM Anti-Infectives India Ltd API / Bulk Drug Dow Fire & Explosion Index calculation