Cleaner Production (CP) & Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM):

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is an economic instrument for inducing initiatives to meet the challenges faced by the impending threat of climate change.

The CDM is an innovative market based instrument for financing projects. It provides a means to the investors for promoting sustainable development while curbing the GHG emissions below the “business as usual” levels.

Possible Areas for CDM:

» Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste for Electricity Generation
» Wind Farms
» Waste heat recovery
» Biomass Energy Systems
» Boiler Fuel conversion project from residual Fuel oil (RFO) to Briquette
» CDM for Forestation
» Hydropower Projects
» Energy Efficiency (Power Distribution)
» Industrial Fuel Switching (Cement Metal)
» Hotel Industry (The Hotel industry offers reductions of Greenhouse gases with energy efficiency, fuel switching)

Our Approach:

  • Awareness Program
  • Getting to grips with international conventions driving CDM
  • Understanding how Legislation governs and affects CDM
  • Gaining hands- on tips, Tools and techniques for CDM identification and implementation
  • Investigating the CDM project cycle Step by step
  • Establishing ways to trade your certified Emissions reductions and carbon credits
  • Improving your understanding of financing CDM projects

Cleaner Production (CP)

Cleaner Production is defined as the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy that is applied to Processes, Products, and Services. It embodies the more efficient use of natural resources and thereby minimizes waste and pollution as well as risk to Human Health and Safety.

Cleaner Production (CP) is the international term for reducing environmental impact from processes, products and services by using better management strategies, methods and tools, CP approach questions the very need for the product or looks at how else that need can be satisfied or reduced. It is a win-win situation.