Environmental Laboratory

Green Circle, Inc. has a well-equipped laboratory that is fully equipped with advanced instruments and equipment.

  1. Laboratory is also recognized as Environmental Laboratory by MoEF & CC under the scheme of Environment Protection Act – 1986. Laboratory has been accredited for ISO 17025:2017 (NABL) to demonstrate the operational competency and generate valid results, thereby promoting confidence in their work.
  2. GPCB recognized Scheduled - II Environment auditors for Environment monitoring & Testing.
  3. Fully equipped with sophisticated instruments for carrying out analysis of parameters covering various fields like Water, Waste-water, Ambient air, Stack, Soil, Noise and IHS Services.
  4. Dedicated Microbiology Laboratory for research and development for Waste and Wastewater treatment.

Additionally, our team of highly qualified personnel is extensively knowledgeable in both national and international environmental standards, as well as legal statutory guidelines.


The laboratory performs a wide range of analysis on Air Monitoring, Water Sampling, Soil Analysis, Wastes Analysis (Solid & Semisolid), Coal & Coke Analysis - (Proximate & Ultimate Analysis), Biomass Analysis, Mineral Testing, Sediments, Construction materials, Sludge, etc. including air quality monitoring, emission monitoring, work place monitoring and noise monitoring.

Laboratory is actively involved in the monthly monitoring work of industries as per their requirement to monitor monthly emission of specific pollutants as mentioned in the consent of respective industries.

These services are provided on annual rate contract basis and also as per specific requirement of the industry.

Standards & Guidelines:

The laboratory utilizes analytical methods that are derived from reputable and approved reference publications mentioned below:

  • APHA
  • National Ambient air standards Guideline. Vol-I
  • CPCB Standards 
  • Indian Standard (BIS)
  • EPA
  • ISO NABL/ 17025:2017 Schedule II
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • OSHA
  • Factory's Act,1948

Air Monitoring

Water Sampling

Water Analysis (Drinking/Potable)

Packaged Drinking Water analysis as per IS 14543

Water Audit

Packaged Natural Mineral Water as per IS 13428

Waste Water/Effluent Characterization & Analysis

Industrial or process water as per IS 4251

Ground Water Monitoring & Analysis

Sea Water Analysis

Storm Water Characterization & Analysis

Pool Water Analysis

Feasibility & Treatability Studies of Various Effluent & Sewage

API in Water

ETP & STP Services

Water Foot Print

Operation and Maintenance – Annual contracts

Water Analysis for Brownfield & Greenfield Sites

Pesticides Legionella Bacteria in Water


Water/ Wastewater Analysis Parameters

Physical Parameters

Biological Parameters


Bacteriological Sample Collection

Sludge Volume Index (S.V.I.)

Faecal Coliforms (MPN technique)

Total Solids (dissolved) (TDS)

Total Coliforms (MPN technique)

Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

E. Coli (MPN technique)

Turbidity & Many more...

Acute Toxicity - Bio-assay & Many more…

Inorganic Organics
Alkalinity/Acidity Pesticides/ Insecticides
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Phenolic Compound
Hardness (Total) Oil & Grease
Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR) Mineral Oil & many more…
Dissolved Oxygen & Many more…

Soil Analysis

Available Calcium

Total Nitrogen

Sodium Absorption Ratio

Available Phosphorus

Soil Moisture

Available Potassium

Alkali Metals

Available Sulphur

Permeability & Many more...

Zinc & Many more...

Wastes Analysis (Solid & Semisolid)

Hazardous Waste Survey

Zero Liquid Discharge / Waste Studies

Wastes Audit

Coal & Coke Analysis – (Proximate & Ultimate Analysis)


Fixed Carbon



Calorific Value

Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulphur, and Oxygen (by difference)

Volatile Matter


Biomass Analysis

Calorific Value


Particle Size Distribution

Mineral Testing

Lime Stone

Iron Ore



Quartz / Silica

China clay