Asset Management

We offer various Asset Management services which help in the systematic process of operating, maintaining, and upgrading assets in a cost-effective manner.


The benefits of Asset management include:

  • Greatest returns
  • Maintains and monitors systems of facilities
  • Helps to provide the best service to customers

Following are our different services for the Asset Management


We also offer:


» Maintenance Audit
» Cost optimization in maintenance dept
» Planning & Conducting Non-Destructive Tests (NDT’s)
» Corrosion & Erosion Audit/Assessment
» Corrosion and Metallurgical Support
» Lubricants optimization & Management
» Inspections and Health Assessment of assets
» Design, Design Verification, Materials Selection
» Inspection (Advanced Technologies)
» Maintenance (Reliability, predictive and preventative strategies)
» Operational & Process Support
» Risk Analysis, RBI, FFS, Software Tools
» Process Safety and Mechanical Integrity Services
» Conducting condition audit
» Preparing shutdown and rebuild scopes of work
» Operational and maintenance risk assessments
» Designing of PRV/PSV and flare systems
» Root Cause Analysis
» Equipment failure & Accident Investigation
» Plant Maintenance Manual
» Writing SOP’s, Work Instructions(WI) & Formats for recording
» Material Handling systems audit
» Preparing & Implementing Key Maintenance Performance Indicators (KMPI)
» Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Study

Our Services for Electrical Asset Management:


» Written electrical safety program
» Employee training program or 'train the trainer' class
» Electrical power system analysis and panel labeling
» Up-to-date one line drawings
» Mitigation reports
» Arc Flash Hazard Category reduction; reduce cost of maintenance
» Energized electrical work permits
» Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
» Engineered solutions and installed solutions
» Electrical safety audits and maintenance
» Ongoing Arc Flash training and electrical safety program training for your employees.

Turnkey Storeroom Management:


In addition to equipment, location, and other asset data, we have extensive experience in: Storeroom Design and Organization

» Collection of Inventory Data
» Bar-coding and Labeling
» Process Evaluation
» Current and Recommended Workflow

Benefits of Asset management:

Cost cutting and efficiency improvement initiatives in maintenance departments are persistent concerns for maintenance and engineering managers. 

A successful pro-active maintenance program will gradually design the problems out of the machines over a period of time, resulting in greatly extended machine life, reduced down time, and expanded production capacity. 

Following graph suggest how advanced methods of maintainace are beneficial to the copmay:

Green Circle Inc site Audit:

This audit is to ascertain where your company is in relation to the core Maintenance Business Processes (work requests, planning & scheduling, work execution etc) and to identify strengths & weaknesses on site.

Asset Management Engineers has developed an objective audit assessment tool for the site audit. The initial maintenance audit will cover all facets of Maintenance Management including the following areas.

» Organization / Structure / Culture / Leadership
» Asset Management/Continuous Improvement
» Work Management
» Performance Measurement
» Contractor Management
» Budgeting & Cost Control
» Materials Management
» Information Technology


We offer Asset Management Programs as per the standard PAS 55.

The standard is split into two parts:

» Part 1 – Specification for the optimized management of physical infrastructure assets
» Part 2 – Guidelines for the application of PAS 55-1

Part 1 of PAS 55 specifies the requirements for an asset management system for the management of physical assets and asset systems over their life cycles.